FAR Community Appreciation Day supporting FMBC

Come out and support FMBC!

This year's proceeds from the FAR Community Appreciation Day will go to the club. So come up Timber on Sunday and buy a $2 burger. Check out for more info on the day.

We also need a couple of volunteers to help out on the day with BBQing! youll get a full day pass (instead of a single ride) for your efforts!

Grab a lift up, enjoy the view, buy a burger and make a mad dash down the trails knowing that you're helping the club out too!

FAR Community Appreciation Day supporting FMBC

Fernie Alpine Resort is supporting FMBC this year through their Community Appreciation Day this Sunday July 6.

FAR invites local residents to come out and enjoy a single lift ride up Timber to enjoy a BBQ at lost boys. In addition they will be offering half price all day tickets.
Check out for more info on the day.

This year, proceeds from the BBQ will be going to FMBC!! YAY!!

We are looking for a couple of members to volunteer to help out with the BBQ. FAR will hook you up with an all day lift ticket (not just a single) for your efforts and you'll get nice warm fuzzy feeling for helping out the club. oh, i guess we can through in a big thanks from us too. :)


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