dirt diggler DH t-shirts

anyone who volunteered or raced in the Dirt Diggler DH fall classic, the time has come to reap the benefits....so go pick your damn t-shirts up @ Giv'er shirt works. if you helped or raced and your name is not on the list, please contact me so we can get ya hooked up with the goods. take care everyone and thanks again for making this years event go "Straight to HELL!!!" \m/ dirtyd

3rd Annual Dirt Diggler DH fall classic

'08 Dirt Diggler DH fall classic

Well...its October...the biking season in the ferngulley is almost at an end. Most of this bike season, which started for me in late March was pretty uneventfull after a "jump's gone bad" episode on my b-day in late June. i ended up with a really broken talus, bringing my stoke to an end or maybe just a "break" for the time being. After more then 12 weeks with no dirt or spinning. I have since been biking like its going outta style for almost 6 weeks trying to make up for lost time. The ol' peg is holding up as is the rest of me.


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