Project 9

How to find it

Head up the gravel road towards Island Lake Lodge, and it's the second yellow gate on your right, about 2.5km from when you leave the paved road. There's a little hump to the left of the gate you can ride over. Head up this double track until you get to the poweline, when you need to bear left onto the powerline road. Less than 100m of powerline road later, there's a right heading uphill. Get on that and start climbing! When you get to the top of road, it ends with a turn around spot for vehicles, follow the trail into the forest and round to the right to reach the downhill section. Keep to the right-hand trail at the start of the down for the less steep version (they both join up pretty quick).

The trail

A serious climb from the road on a disused jeep track. One of those ones that everyone wants to clean, but not everyone does. There's a race up it every year. The record so far is 13 minutes to the top from the Island Lake Road...

The down is a trail of three distinct sections - the first is a very cool section along a river bed - rocky, rooty and with little drops and rolls along the way. This then gives way to a very mellow flowing section through more open woods and fields, in which you can see some old stunts that should probably be avoided unless you've got off your bike and checked them out closely. Once you hit the powerline, the trail then heads modestly upwards for a short distance before launching into a roller-coaster of downs and flats that is pretty unique.

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