April 17 Minutes of General Directors Meeting

In attendance: Kurt Adams, Ryland Nelson, Bernie Pulsifer, Fred Gietz, Dave McBeath, Amanda Ridgway and Ian Shopland

Absent: Tyler MacKay

1) Director Positions of Responsibility
Prez / Spokesperson – Kurt Adams
Secretary / Membership – Ryland Nelson
Treasurer – Bernie Pulsifer

Discussion was had in having Peter Meyer act in a role of ‘ex-officio’ and be able to make comment and suggestions on bike club activities. Kurt to communicate with Peter

2) Web Page Issues:

New set up
All agreed that the web page looks good and is a vital part of the clubs operation
Membership sign-up
Much discussion on what membership offers. Agreed that a sticker with the clubs logo would be important to identify club members on the trail and to provide a sense of ‘belonging’. Agreed that a major “bike blitz” of sorts should be organized for the last weekend of May (May 31 suggested) to promote the club and membership.
Web master and payment
Appreciation for Ryland’s efforts was given and suggested to give an ‘honorarium’ for web work. Ryland declined at this time.
Agreed that an advertizing package that includes web-statistics should be prepared to offer local businesses. Possible payment schemes were discussed including the use of number of web ‘hits’. Package to be prepared by Ryland
Significant discussion on the importance of having a good and identifiable logo. Decided to have a logo competition. Ryland to prepare posters. All entries to be in by May 14 prior to next meeting. Winner to receive free FMBC and IMBA membership.

3) Club Position / Statement re: BP and CBM exploration

Discussion of report produced by Bernie and Fred. Directors in general agreement of report but agreed to communicate that the club “cannot support the tenure application made by BP”. This message will be communicated with membership who will be encouraged to make their own comments to Government bodies as well. Bernie to send letter to Government representatives / Kurt to communicate with IMBA

4) Club Position with Tembec , Blackstone and College of the Rockies

a) Tembec: Meeting with the Ski Touring Club on April 30, 7:00pm at Freshies. Dave will act as a moderator for the meeting
b) Blackstone: Ian will pursue a meeting with Reto Barrington in order to introduce the FMBC and hopefully open lines of communication
c) College of the Rockies: Kurt to continue his initial communication with COTR.

5) Official Trails, Insurance and Maintenance/Work-Crew Plan

Summary of Elk Valley Task Force meeting regarding Ridgemont Gate/Road Closure
Membership encouraged to petition for the continued road closure based upon “wildlife concerns”
paid trail crew tasks / responsibilities
$5,000.00 has been set aside for 2 positions / 200 hours @ $12.00 / hour. Initial responsibilities will include the organization of volunteer nights (approx. 8% of the allotted time) as well as maintenance and inventory of equipment.
Equipment needs / replacement / maintenance
Responsibility of the trail crew
Whistler Standards and signage
To be discussed at meeting with Fernie Trails Club at Freshies
Question of stewardship
To be discussed at meeting with Fernie Trails Club at Freshies

6) Status of Grants and Skills Park

Amanda reported her efforts in fund raising with RCR and communications with City of Fernie. Amanda is working with some local youth in producing a promotional video to help in marketing / sponsorship but would like to have more kids (high school ?) involved. Fred to help organize student groups interested in this project.

7) Items for next Meeting

Contributors to Fernie Fix representing FMBC
Logo contest —- results
Membership Blitz for end of May
Trail donation box
Spring Members Meeting / Meeting with Ministry of Tourism representative.

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