Trail Conditions and News

2018 Membership Fee Increase

Effective May 1, 2018 the Fernie Mountain Bike Club (FMBC) will be increasing our membership fees. Last year the FMBC donated 102% of our revenues to the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) which is responsible for land use agreements and trail maintenance. In 2018 we hope that our first monetary increase in 5 years (at least) will also benefit the FTA and you…our cherished members. Your membership and signing a waiver can help the FTA with continued private land access.

Buy now and save by purchasing online on our FMBC website

Your 2018 FMBC membership gets you access to all the Little Critter Criterium's, Toonie races*, Project 9 race*, High Roller*, Take a kid mountain biking day(s), Women on Wheels Weekly Rides, Little Women on Wheels and of course a super awesome 2018 membership sticker.

Youth $25
Adult $40
Family $90

Trails don’t build themselves - FMBC members do. Don't fret if you have purchased your 2018 membership already for the discounted 2017 price as you will be able to donate at the 2018 Spring Bike Blitzor Trail Razr III - May 26, 2018. The FMBC has your back!

Stay tuned for updates on corporate membership details.

*entry fee required

Winter Grooming Etiquette

Winter grooming is in full swing by our amazing dedicated volunteers. Look for groomed trails in Ridgemont & Montane.

Please respect the grooming and their time by observing the tire pressure etiquette. Allowing the trails to firm up after a groom or not riding when soft will keep the trails in awesome shape.  Ride when frozen! 

In Montane be sure to follow the signage for multiuse trails and do not bike on the Nordic Trails. No biking is allowed at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. 

Get out there and have fun! 

Fat Biking in Fernie

Ever wondered what the Fat Biking rage is all about, check it out here


Access to Fairy Creek Parking lot permanently closed

Access to the Fairy Creek parking lot is closed - permanently. 

This is due to pressure from Ministry of Highways, with concern for the ever-growing number of people making dangerous turns into that area, and the number of people pulling back out onto the highway. Also, a number of people have been parking indiscriminately all over the bridge site, damaging the paving, the trail shoulder, and the intended planting areas.

Please do not park in the area - if you do so you will be blocking both the trail and the emergency access route.

There are still three great options for accessing this area:

(1) Park at the Visitor Centre, which has a safe left-turn lane, lots of parking and a trailhead;
(2) Park at the pull-out on Cedar Avenue, there is space for vehicles there; or
(3) Ride your bike! The beautiful new bridge now makes this a safe, fun and healthy option!

Trees and bushes are due to be planted in the next week.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding.

Little Women on Wheels

Little Women on Wheels

Join us for four Wednesdays from 4:15 till 5:45 starting June 7, 2017. Skills based combined with bike park and short fun rides. Lots of fun on our bikes in a social atmosphere. There is limited space so it will be a sign up first come first serve. It is a drop off program but parents are welcome to join.

The program is for girls aged 9 to 12.

This is an FMBC sponsored program so for insurance purposes ALL participants must be members.
The cost will be $40 with all of the funds going to help the Elk Valley Gymnastics Society with their search for a better facility.

All of the coaches (PMBIA level 1 and 2) and helpers will be volunteers.


Fairy Creek Bridge now open!

Huge thanks goes out to all the builders, idea people, grant writers and volunteers that made the Fairy Creek bridge possible. The bridge is ready to ride across, please continue to park at the visitor centre to access the Mt. Proctor trails!

Robert Champagne

Summit Works
Bob Mitchell
Larsen & Whalen
Home Hardware
Mow & Snow
John Turcasso 
Todd Patterson
Fernie Brewing Company
Plus all funders & volunteers!

Jemi Fibre Vandalism - $2000 reward

Jemi Fibre Vandalism - $2000 Reward

Jemi Fibre is currently logging on their private land in the Fernie area. You have likely noticed some changes to the trail network. The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been closely working with Jemi Fibre to make sure their operations run smoothly and cause little disruption to our trails. Jemi has been very observant of the amount of trail usage and is conscious of trail user groups. It’s rare in these circumstances that the logging area is open for recreational use whilst operations are in process. However, Jemi are keeping their land open so we can enjoy the trails. With this in mind, its upsetting and frustrating for the FTA, Jemi Fibre and other responsible trail users to find out that several criminal incidents have taken place, including vandalism towards Jemi Fibre’s machinery. Jemi has suffered significant financial loss as well as lost days of work.

FTA is offering $1000 for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the vandalism. Jemi has agreed to match us for a total reward of $2000. Please contact Julie Kelly with any information.