Fernie Junior Ripper Trail Passport

The Fernie Little Ripper Trail Passport is a series of skill/age appropriate mountain bike challenges. The goal is to ride the trail, find the checkpoint sign (see maps for sign locations) and record the animal found on the sign into your booklet. Complete four challenges during the mountain bike season and receive a Fernie Little Ripper badge at one of Fernie’s local bike shops. If you are in for a big challenge try and complete all of the rides.


The trails are listed in order of difficulty. Remember to start small and work your way up. Always follow the rules of the trail, wear proper safety equipment and make sure your bike is in good working order.


All of these trails and and most of the other excellent Fernie trails are found on the free Trail Forks app. More trail descriptions and directions to trailheads can be found here. Download it before you go. 

For a complete list of the trails as well as the map, have a look at the list and map in the Summer Fix, or download the files below.